Planning to buy Pounds

United Kingdom Interest Rate

The interest rates have increased over the last year and further rate hikes are expected.

This meeting is forecast to be a rate hold event however during Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s speech look for signs of a hike during the December meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Technical Analysis

Chart Trend Direction

Trend Break Zone

Day Up 142.20
Four Hour Down 145.40
Thirty Minutes Up 142.75
  • Low risk entry at  143.45
  • High risk entry at 142.90

Fundamental and Geopolitical Analysis

The focus of the Bank of England is to maintain 2 percent inflation.

  • Inflation is at 2.4 percent indicating further hikes necessary
  • Political uncertainty over decision to leave EU continues to hinder the pound
  • No events of interest in run up to Interest Rate decision

Sentiment Analysis

  • Bearish sentiment since May met with 1922 Committee on Tuesday
  • News reports the meeting was warm and may have softened the critics


I am satisfied that the analysis indicates it is a suitable time to order.

Image credits: Aron Van de Pol